Dr Teague has been a faithful follower of Christ and a student and teacher of the Bible for multiple decades.  With your permission, he will incorporate the timeless truths and wisdom of Scripture into counseling.  Some of the most important concepts include that biblical marriage is meant to be a relationship of mutual servanthood: submit yourselves one to another out of reverence for Christ.

Another includes focus on thoughts that are true, honorable, right, good and praiseworthy.  Another is “as far as it depends on you, if it is possible, be at peace with every person.”  One of the most important elements of successful relationship counseling is patience-waiting for a person to change and accepting that some things will never change.  Another biblical concept is that love tolerates some things.  I will pray for you, and at your request, I will pray with you.

Love is patient and kind and accepts that some things will not change.

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