uring the first session you communicate your story to help me understand you and the things in life that brought you to where you are today.  We assess together what your goals are.  Then using various techniques, we work together to heal past hurts, find personal confidence and peace and develop successful thinking and behaviors that facilitate personal peace and successful relationships.

Counseling is listening, caring and guidance to help you achieve your goals.  Many times one of the main things gained from counseling is a new perspective with additional tools for doing life healthier.  One of the greatest needs of many people is learning to do better at self-care.  Especially when a child or teenager is in counseling, the sessions may lead to some family counseling and include the parents.  Some areas of expertise include stress and anxiety reduction; life management to improve sleeping, studying or to deal with a poor self-concept; and relationship improvement as you resolve conflicts, negotiate differences and develop more successful communication patterns.

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