How do I book an appointment?

The easiest way to book an appointment is by calling or texting Dr. Teague at 703-587-7230.

How long is the appointment?

Appointments are 45 minutes.  This means that you need to arrive on time.  However, because I want to understand you well, first visits work better if we do a double session that will last 90 minutes.

What is the cost?

Sessions are $200 for 45 minutes.  I regularly encounter people who simply cannot afford the fee or will not continue in counseling to do the work needed at my normal rate.  In those situations, I will negotiate my rate in order to be able to help.

What can I expect in the first session?

During the first session I want to hear your life story when you give the background of your family and relationships with the significant events that shaped your life and made you who you are.  Then we will clarify your goals and discuss a treatment plan that includes possible frequency and length of time in counseling.  Most couples do weekly sessions, then after eight to twelve sessions, they go to every other week.  To finish up, most couples choose to see me monthly to check in and stay on track.

How long should I be in counseling?

The length of time in counseling depends on what the goals are and how difficult the goals are to achieve.  Some people have a situational issue that may require only one or two sessions.  Others may stay in counseling for ongoing support for months.

What is Dr. Teague’s approach?

My foundational approach is Cognitive-Behavioral but with over 30 years of experience this is augmented with various other approaches.  This means that sometimes a person needs additional information about individuals and relationships to learn a healthier, more productive perspective on life.  Obviously, I have a strong Christian, biblical background and am delighted to incorporate this into the counseling relationship when desired.

How do I know if Dr. Teague is the “right” person for me?

Thousands of people have found that Dr. Teague makes them feel comfortable and safe.  This is foundational for a successful counseling relationship.  It is rare, but you might try Dr. Teague and then decide that someone else might be a better fit.  You simply cannot know without a face-to-face meeting.

Do I come alone for the first meeting?

This depends on what you prefer.  If you are bringing your child or teenager, I prefer honoring what the child prefers.  If you are coming for marital counseling, I am glad to see you always together.  If either of you prefers a one-on-one meeting, then I am glad to accommodate that arrangement.  However, generally speaking, it does not work to be doing couple counseling and expect me to keep secrets from one another.